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Contribution to Space Missions

Last update : 2019/06/06


Establishing Climate Data Records & analysis:

  • TOVS (NOAA) : T, H2O profiles, Tsurf, clouds, CO2
  • AIRS (NASA) : clouds, aerosols, CO2n surface emissivity
  • IASI (EUMETSAT-CNES): CO2, CH4, CO, surface emissivity, aerosols, clouds
  • A-Train synergy (AIRS-CALIPSO-CloudSat): clouds, aerosols


Contribution to mission preparation:

  • ADM-Aeolus (ESA) launch in 2013: wind, clouds, aerosols
  • EarthCARE (ESA/JAXA) launch in 2016: clouds, aerosols


Phase 0/A initiated:

  • IASI-NG (CNES) : IASI with 2 x better spectral resolution and signal/noise
  • MERLIN (CNES/DLR): CH4, canopy
  • FLEX (ESA Earth Explorer-8)
  • Microcarb (CNES)


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