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Last update : 2020/05/18


Scientific research of the ABC(t) team is focused on :

  • - Analysis of Atmospheric Radiation and of climate evolution and processes,
  • - Remote sensing of the atmosphere and biosphere by lidar,
  • - Study of vegetation by fluorescense.

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The team has been formed in 2009 by joining the three groups Ara, Lidar and Fluo.

Scientific research themes are linked to :

  • - Water vapour and clouds (especially cirrus),
  • - Aerosols (up-lift, transport, sink, radiative properties),
  • - Greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, CO) and biomass burning,
  • - Boundary layer structure and fluxes,
  • - Land surfaces: vegetation and radiative properties.

Developed tools:

  • - Innovative remote sensing instruments,
  • - Radiative transfer models,
  • - Climate data records (from space observations).

The synergy of the different measurements provides information on the whole atmospheric column, covering surface up to stratosphere, and allows studies at different scales (local to global, daily to decadal).

The originality of ABC(t) is to participate in all steps of the development of climate data records, from instrumental design up to scientific interpretation:

Originality ABCt

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